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    My Journey Program

    If you like safety and savings, you'll love MetLife Auto & Home's® My Journey® program

    The My Journey program provides you with savings, as well as valuable feedback to improve your driving safety behavior. With My Journey, we can help you spot unsafe driving habits and correct them, potentially reducing the chances of an accident occurring.

    When you enroll in the program

    • - receive a one-time enrollment discount of up to 10% on your auto insurance for that vehicle1
    • - Upon renewal, receive an adjusted discount of up to 30% based on your safe driving score2

    The My Journey program officially lasts 24 months, but even after that time you'll keep your My Journey discount as long as the vehicle remains on your policy3.

    How do I get started?

    Simply enroll in the program with your agent and you will receive a registration email. Once registering online the My Journey program device can be shipped directly to your door. After receiving the My Journey program device, plug into your vehicle and you're ready to go!

    The device will immediately begin collecting the driving data for your vehicle4. You can then go to the secure My Journey website to view details about your trip information, such as:

    • Access detailed driving data
    • Set special email alerts to notify you about unsafe driving behavior
    • View your personal driving score dashboard

    By visiting the site often and making adjustments to how and when you drive, you can improve your driving performance and become a better, more aware driver all the while saving money.

    And now you can also download the My Journey program app! Get the same info as the website, but with additional features such as restaurants, gas prices, and traffic alerts.

    Our My Journey program is currently available in the following states: AR, AL, AZ, GA, IL, MO, NE, OH, OR, SD, TX, VA.

    Call our sales team at 1-866-465-2034 or contact your local agent today to enroll.

    1 You receive the enrollment discount for the first policy term the vehicle is in the program. If you enroll the vehicle during a policy term, you'll receive the enrollment discount for the remainder of that term.
    2 We will apply a discount to certain coverages after your first policy term in the program based on variables such as mileage driven, the times of day you traveled, and how safely you drove, as well as other rating factors. You must have had the device used by the My Journey program in your vehicle for at least 60 days to receive this discount.
    3 Subject to program and state availability. MetLife Auto & Home reserves the right to end the My Journey program at any time.
    4 The device collects the vehicle's VIN, speed, and location, and the time of day, among other data elements. The information gathered by the device is kept completely confidential in accordance with our privacy policy.

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